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So a few weeks ago, I went to The Salon in The Shelbourne to get my nails filed and painted for my birthday. I was at a wedding fayre evening a few months back in the Shelbourne and couldn’t believe their prices (in a good way 😅) so I decided to make an appointment and see how it was.

From the moment you walk in the door you are treated amazingly. My coat was taken and put away, I didn’t have to sit around waiting for my appointment. I was brought straight in and got to the business of picking a colour. I went for Peach Daiquiri by Essie

The colour is really hard to photograph but I wanted something summery. The girl doing my nails was friendly and we chatted away and she had them done in no time!.

Once she was finished she offered my tea, coffee, water or macaroons while I was waiting for my nails to dry. The bit I haven’t said yet this only cost me €15! I know some people might think this is expensive but compared to what I have paid around Dublin City for a file and paint this is pretty good. So far I have paid €10-€20 and the salon that cost €20 wasn’t a great experience.

My pretty nails again 😀

Here is a link to The Salons page with details of prices and packages (and a €20 blowdry!) Click here.


Amanda xxx

I was not paid or asked to promote The Salon, I booked and paid for my own appointment and wanted to share the experience with everybody.