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One thing that most people will agree on, is that hotel rooms in Manhattan are tiny! Unless you are super rich and can afford a suite, the rest of us spend our time walking into everything in the room trying to get around. Don’t start me on the extra furniture they put in the already cramped room, ‘no I don’t need a desk or a bench to put my suitcase on’. I need space to hide my suitcase and put all my shopping 😆😆.

After being in New York twice this year (not sure how that happened, well I love the place) we decided Times Square was not the location for us and went downtown. We stayed in the Q and A residential hotel just off Wall street and couldn’t believe the room we got. We did upgrade to a bigger room but at a cost of an extra €7 a night for an extra 200 square foot, we didn’t think twice. The room was huge and very well laid out with the best of items.

The above picture doesn’t even show the full size of the room, I was about 5foot away from the wall (also should have taken the picture before we put our stuff everywhere!).

Inside the door was a cute blackboard, a great place to say thanks to the brilliant cleaners who left the room spotless everyday. 

The kitchen was fully stocked with everything you would need (tableware etc) and you could also order groceries online and takeaway 😍. There was also a little section beside the seating area that had cocktail glasses and a cocktail shaker.

It was also nice to have wifi in the room and this is not an extra charge. The smart tv in the room also meant you got to keep updated on Youtube and Netflix, when the feet gave up on walking 😅. 

Breakfast is also included and is available until 10am every morning. There is a selection of tea, coffee (good coffee 😍) muffins, croissants and fruit. Definitely enough to keep you going for the week. 

The staff at reception are very friendly, give you loads of details on the local area. They also go out of their way to answer any questions that you may have. 

The reception area is beautiful, the building was once the third tallest building in the world!!

They also have a few different room sizes and do a two bedroom apartment, great idea for groups going together!
Any questions let me know 😀

Amanda xxx

*this post was not paid for or sponsored, or any discount given. This post was written as I wanted to share my experience staying there.