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A few weeks back I went to the Dealz Christmas event and they had some gorgeous gifts and decorations and all for €1.50! Apologies in advance for this post, I love Christmas and I will keep saying how gorgeous everything is ha ha. The event took place in early in October but I did my best to hold out this post until most people were interested in Christmas 🙂

They decorated a few room styles in different colours, golds and silver/blue.

They have all this tableware for only €1.50 each, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

How cute are these cushions and gift bags? 

Dealz also have their own sweet range, they also do branded sweets and these do sell for more than €1.50 but they are still at a great price. They also had some cute homeware pieces that can be used all year.

Everything should be in store now, I will be stocking up especially on the tableware and cushions!
Amanda xxx


*I was invited to this event, my review is based on my opinion of the products.