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I was recently at the Easilock launch event in the Cliff Townhouse in Dublin. The venue was gorgeous and I definitely need to go try it for dinner! Easilock hair extensions are now available in pharmacies around Ireland and I got to see some of the samples at the event. It is made from a fibre hair technology and is heat resistant so can by styled very easily. At the event you could get the hair extensions put into your hair and it looked very easy! 

I didn’t try them out as to be honest I have pretty thick head of hair and extra hair is definitely not a good idea. Everytime I go to the hairdressers’ they always comment on how much hair I have and how light it feels after a cut! There was a few things from Easilocks that I was very interested in, the celebrity range includes pieces to style your hair. I love the braid people have in their hair and Easilock do a braid headband that just sits in your hair!! 

Easilocks celebrity range

They also launched a homecare range for the extensions that can also be used in your natural hair. Shane O’Sullivan says that you should be buying a shampoo that looks after your scalp, something I never even thought of. I will buy creams for my face to keep my skin hydrated and (hopefully) younger looking but when it comes to my hair I buy whatever is on special offer in the supermarket. The Easilock homecare range includes shampoo and conditioner both of which are free from silicones, sulphates and parabens. 

I definitely think I will be investing and doing some research into was is best for my scalp and hair. I have noticed over the past few months my hair seems in a worse condition than normal and never looks great. I was blaming the weather but maybe it is the products I am using?

Amanda xxx