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New York is an amazing city with loads to do and see and of course eat. After our visit in April I have put together a list of a few of the places we had food in.

1. Ruths Chris

A steakhouse near Times Square, pretty sure reservations are needed. It is a dressy place so definitely dress up. It is pretty expensive (steaks are aboit $50-$60 with no sides) but they do a great set menu for $55 and you get a 3 course meal and a side with your steak. Food was pretty good and steaks are still sizzling when they arrive at your table.

I got the caeser salad to start, I am always afraid to get too heavy of a starter before steak.

For mains, obviously a steak! I got creamed spinach as a side, not a fan😝 (it wasn’t this particular one that was bad just my first time trying it) 

For dessert I got a chocolate coffee tart, it was pretty good and I am not a fan of chocolate cakes 

I would definitely give this place a 10/10 food and service was great. 

2. Guys Kitchen

Ever watched Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? I am always starving after watching that show so when I found out Guy Fieri had a restaurant on Times Square we had to go. We imagined it would be crazy busy and booked online but when we got there it was pretty quiet (which was nice after walking through crazy Times Square). The waiter recommended the burger so I ordered it and it was huge, a layer of mac and cheese on the burger! 

The burger was nice, not as great as I was expecting from watching the show. The waiter was very friendly but our mains did arrive when we were still eating our starters and on a small table it got cramped very quickly. 

Probably wouldn’t go back it was nice but there is plenty of choice around, 6/10 as the food was nice but just a let down from what I was expecting.

3. Juniors Cheesecake.

 I was excited about going here as I had heard some really good things about it. It was ok, I think we went on a Saturday night and it was crazy busy. They were pretty quick at getting us a table so fair play on that. The food was good but we had to wait a long time for it, not really sure what happened but people beside us who ordered the same time as us had eaten and paid before we got our food. However the waiter was did apologise for the wait. I got the pulled pork and my boyfriend got the southern fried chicken.

The portions are huge and the food was nice but I don’t think I would go back. It was a bit of a hectic atmosphere and didn’t feel like you could relax and enjoy yourself. Most of the tables people were leaving probably withing 30 minutes of sitting down. Also no cocktail menu! They make any cocktail you want but don’t do menus for them, I like to look and decide on what looks good 😒 Also we did try the cheesecake and it was nice but never took a picture πŸ™ˆ

Overall a 5/10, atmosphere brought this place way down for me.

4. Chelsea Markets 

Leaving my favourite until the end 😍. Chelsea Markets is located in the Meat packing district and is an old large building. When you go in there are loads of counters and stores selling food, clothes, anything really, there are also designer sale pop up shops. The food is great, there is an amazing counter that sells tacos 😍 Los Tacos, and they are only about $4 each. I am not the only one who thinks it since this place is 14th of 10007 restaurants in New York on TripAdvisor!

Also I found a doughnut stand, they make them fresh as your ordering and you can pick what you want them dipped in 😍 definitely worth visiting the doughnutery.

Chelsea Markets get a full 10/10 from me πŸ˜€

Has anybody got any suggestions for restaurants in New York heading back in 2 months and can’t wait!!

Amanda xxx