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I can’t say I am a coffee snob or know what to look out for in coffee, but what I do know is I am quite fussy. I do stick a majority of the time to the overly popular latte or cappuccino but give me a good americano and I am happy. There are a few places around that I will avoid, burnt coffee and too hot lattes are a standard a coffee shop should not be hitting!

I have also learnt from experience you have to try everywhere twice. I have gone to many places and loved it, gone back a few weeks later to terrible customer service and food/drinks. 

My new favourite place is Two Boys Brew in Phibsborough. Yes, I do know the owners but I can’t fault the place. The decor is great, every staff member understands the importance of good customer service and best of all great coffee!! They use 3fe but also have a guest coffee every month with this month being man vs machine. You can get brunch all weekend and some amazing cakes (get a pretzel blondie 😍)

I haven’t had a chance to go during the week to try their other menu but here is some pictures of food from the brunch menu. This is the poached eggs with sourdough.

The amazing salsa with eggs 😍 (and bacon on my second visit).

Here are the hotcakes that are also on the menu, doesn’t it look so pretty!

Now for the coffee, my gorgeous latte

Here is the mocha, look at all the chocolate!!

The price is pretty reasonable, on our first visit we got between two of us the poached eggs with sourdough, the hotcakes, two glasses of prosecco, a pretzel blondie to share, a latte and a mocha and it came to about €42.

Definitely worth a visit to this great place in Phibsborough.

I did say earlier in the post that I do know the owners, this post has been conpletely written on my views of the place and food. I can’t fault the place so can’t say anything bad about it and considering the Irish Times weekend magazine also have it listed at the top of the list for ‘Whats hot’ I am not the only person with this view.

Let me know if you go what you think of it and more importantly what you order. The corn fritters are next on my list, enjoy!

Amanda xxx