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I was kindly sent this product to try and here is a review for everybody to read. So I love the idea behind the NKD Skin preshower tan you apply it 10 minutes before your shower and the tan develops over the next 4-8 hours. I am so lazy with tan so I was very excited to try this, am I the only person who hates putting tan on? I always plan on doing it the night before I am going somewhere and then throw it instant on the next day instead.

I put it on 10 minutes before my shower and did I have a tan that night? I actually did 😍  It is a gradual build tan so you will need to put it on a few times depending on how dark of a tan you want.
Not bad for one application 

My only negative against the product is that you can get the fake tan smell after your shower. It is not very strong but I could definitely smell it off my skin but I had a shower later that evening quickly before I went out and the smell was gone. I will keep using this product as the colour is good and it is so easy to use.

The gel itself has a creamy colour to it so you can see where you applied it and I had no marks anywhere that I missed.

Here is a link to purchase and it retails for about £13.95, sorry I can’t find the euro price.

Hope you enjoyed that review 😊

Amanda xxx

*I was sent this product to try but was not paid to review.