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New York is huge and there is definitely no denying that, it is even too big to write about everything in one post (it would be a novel!). I went in April for a week for my 30th 😒 and had an amazing time! We were really lucky with the weather and had a few really sunny and warm days. I tried to take as many pictures as possible but a lot of the time I was too distracted and enjoying the moment. Here are a few out my favourite places to drink and also least favourite.

First up is one of my favourite places Suprema Provisions, from what I can tell it only recently opened. The cocktails here are amazing, I think it was the best Kir Royale I ever had! I do have to admit though we did go back a second day and there was a different bartender working and the cocktails weren’t great. When my boyfriend ordered a Moscow Mule, the bartender handed him a Moscow Mule with a twist…pretty sure the bartender didn’t know how to make it and it looked and tasted like vodka on the rocks.


On our first night after walking around exhausted we went to Rogue on Avenue De Americas. The food was really good and so were the cocktails 😍. I tried to be healthy on my first night and went for the grilled chicken and vegetables, and some margeritas. It was happy hour when we there so I had two $5 margeritas. They came in a variety of flavours and the raspberry one was really good, I tried the passionfruit one and it was good but a little bit sour.

We went to a few other places when we were walking around that did get great drinks, and I have no memory of the names or locations.

There was one place I was excited to try and that was The Smith , there arr three of them in New York. I had seen a few bloggers talking about it for brunch and was excited to try it out. We didn’t get there for brunch but decided to go one evening and have a couple of drinks at the bar and then some dinner after. The cocktails weren’t great, maybe I went for a bad choice but I struggled to drink it and then went for wine. I don’t really know much about wine apart from knowing I normally like Sauvignan Blanc, and it wasn’t nice either (happy we hadn’t ordered the bottle). So after a quick look at the food menu we decided to go elsewhere, the food at the tables did look really good but not what we were in the mood for. We left and went to a gorgeous Italian on Bleecker st, il fill you in on that again.

Hope that was of some help!

Amanda xxx