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Recently I went to a Bauknecht event in Arnotts, Kevin Thornton was doing a cooking demonstration. I was greeted by prosecco in arrival, couldn’t complain. 😍

He made a ravioli of Antrim lobster with baby spinach and a lobster bisque. He steamed the lobster with fish stock in a bauknecht steam oven. I was very intrigued by a steam oven, the same as I want a plate warmer/prooving drawer after watching the Great British Bake Off πŸ˜‚

Kevin Thornton kept us entertained for the hour with making homemade pasta and using the Kenwood attachment for the electric pasta maker. Definitely need to consider getting more attachments for my Kenwood mixer.


Here is the recipe and method for anybody who would like to give it a try.


He also had some macroons that were made earlier and filled by one of the staff members from Arnotts, fair play to the poor guy! I wish I wasn’t allergic to almonds and got to eat macaroons πŸ˜“

I want to thank Relvole PR for the invite, it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Thank you to Kevin Thornton for keeping us entertained and serving some amazing looking food. Also a thank you to Arnotts for a great service.

Amanda xxx