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So greetings from New York, we are here since Thursday and leave on Thursday 😦 I was spoilt with a trip to New York for my 30th.

We flew here with Aerlingus and it was a great flight, the flight was approximately 6 and half hours and it flew by (excuse the pun) with all the movies and tv shows. I watched Brooklyn as I had heard great reviews and hadn’t gotten around to seeing it and it was brilliant! Such a nice film and another great role played by Saorise Ronan. I started watching a few other films but they struggled to keep my attention after Brooklyn. I also watched a tv show called Newsroom, season 1 episode 1 was on the flight. Definitely going to watch more when I get home.

Also as my boyfriend travels a lot, we had access to the Aerlingus business lounge! Ha ha I was so excited by this, more coffee and pastries, think 8.30am was a bit early for the spirits.

Food on the plane was pretty good, and I have to say the coffe was great, it was proper brewed coffee and I could have dranks loads. We did get some wine aswell and prosecco of course 🙂


When we arrived in New York we decided to use the metro to get to the city, instead of paying $75 for a taxi. So we got the airtrain from JFK to Jamaica, this cost about $5 each and we then had to get a seperate ticket for the subway. The metrocard can be topped up for the airtrain so keep that for the return trip. We bought a 1 week subway ticket that cost $30 but you get unlimited trips so definitely worth it. We got off the subway about 2 streets away from our hotel and to be honest it was probably quicker than a taxi in New York traffic! We got the E subway and that brought us to about 7th avenue 52nd st.

I will talk to you all soon! Any tips for my last few days here let me know!

Amanda xxx