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Still can’t believe I got invited to this event, it was brilliant!! Elke who is the training manager was there to keep us entertained and she definitely did!! She kept everyones attention for the duration of the talk with her great knowledge, sense of humour, and her skin!!

To be honest I never knew too much about the Declare brand, just really thought of it as a brand that I couldn’t really afford. After checking out some of their products tonight I am definitely interested in using their products. I know everybody is probably thinking, typical blogger goes to an event and praises the product after. We got to sample loads of their products and they all smell gorgeous, the texture also feels silky on your hand. It really feels like it soaks into your skin. We were told to only ever use the cream that caters for your skin. Don’t use anti-ageing too early as your skin only takes out of the products what it needs.

One of the great things about the Declare products is that the first part of the research on a new product is based on the sensitivity of the skin and then they focus on what the product will be targeted at.

We got a sample of the cleansing powder at the event. Cleansing powder is great for travelling as it is really light in weight so you aren’t adding a heavy bottle of cleanser to your bag. You basically add a little bit of water to the powder and mix until you get a foam. The cleansing powder retails at about €24.50.


Next up we got a sample of the multi lift re-modling contour face cream, this cream is thick and rich and really feels like it is soaking in and nourishing the skin! A majority of the cream range at €49.50.


The main product of the event is the new Multi Lift Contour Serum. We tried it out at the event on skin between yout thumb and the forefinger. This skin always feels dry and hard and it felt really soft after, you could see a slight difference between both hands. This product is also used for the reduction of age spots. This will retail at €59.50.


Declare do a large range of skincare products and a sunscreen range.

You can keep update on Declare Ireland on their Facebook page.

One question that came up at the event is why do people use the skincare brand that they use. Is it a product that works for your skin? Do you use it just because you think it is a good brand?

I am not going to lie, I skip between different products. Generally when I try a sample and if I like it I will buy the product. I used simple for years, and I have since changed to Ren. After trying out Declare it is definitely a brand I will try and see how if it works for my skin. We tried all the samples on our hands and my hands feel good after, and no sign of an allergy either 😆

We also got spoilt with great food and prosecco at the event which was held in the Fitzwilliam hotel, Dublin.


Amanda xxx