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Aoife behind the lovely Covet Mimi organised an event for bloggers in House,Dublin last Friday. The event was to raise mental health awareness in Ireland, 300 bloggers were invited to promote mental health awareness through social media.

There was a number of different speakers at the event. First up was Meghann Scully she spoke about her own personal mental health problems, and even wrote a blog post about what she went through.

Next up was Jenni Trx . Jenni spoke about the importance of exercise in mental health. Jenni spoke about working in a stressful work environment and turning to exercise. She know works as a personal trainer and doesn’t call it a job!

Exercise is great for thinking and clearing your mind. Find some sort of exercise that you enjoy and do it frequently. How frequently should depend on yourself and how often you want to do the exercise. Don’t stress yourself out trying to exercise, find something you enjoy and it won’t be a chore.

I had to leave during the break but did get to sample some of the great food!

I spoke before on my blog about changing jobs last summer, what I never mentioned in my blog was that I only lasted a short time in that role. I hated the job, I was stressed going into work and dreaded everyday. There was a number of different reasons as to why I hated it. I made a decision over a couple of weeks to leave, I was quite lucky as I managed to get another job before giving my notice in that role. A lot of people have said I was brave in making the decision to leave the job. I never really thought of it like that but just as a way out. Nobody should have to go into a job or be in a situation that they dread.

Congratulations again to Aoife who decided to organise and hold this event. All money raised at the event was donated to Aware Ireland. Aware Ireland offer support and guidance to people who need mental health support and help.

For anybody going through mental health issues please talk to somebody, people are always willing to help.

Some advice to everybody reading this, smile at people, say hello to people even if you don’t know them. If somebody looks upset ask them if they are ok? Something small could help somebody a lot.

I also want to say a quick thanks to all of the generous sponsors at the event and the goodie bags. Your sponsorship of the event shows your support for the issue.


Amanda xxx