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Apologies again for the lack of posts as I said in my last post we moved house recently and we still have no WiFi 😦

In one of my recent fitness updates I said I had signed up for a half marathon in April, judging by my training you wouldn’t believe that! With Christmas and moving house every evening was full doing stuff ( I know full of excuses eh). Over the Christmas holidays I actually went to the gym twice for a change and enjoyed it, I did some cardio and weights and felt really good after it!

The running was pretty bad until this week when eventually the guilt got too much and I got up and went out. On Sunday I ran 10 km which was a lot further then I thought I would be able to manage. I followed this with a 5 km run on Monday evening. Time wise I am not doing great, I am a pretty slow runner and my average page is a 7 minute kilometre.

I think I might start doing some speed training this week to build up my speed and distance a bit. I signed up to a 5 mile race at the end of the month that I completed last year in 52.53 minutes so I am hoping to beat that.

As it is January I am guessing most people are on a fitness and healthy buzz at the moment, how are you getting on?

Amanda xxx