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In my last fitness blog post I mentioned at the end had I caught the running bug, click here to read.

Have I caught the running bug I am really hoping so because I signed up to do the Connemara half marathon!! I don’t know why I signed up for it, I think it was partly to do with the stunning scenery in Connemara and that it might distract me from the running 🙂

I started a beginner half marathon training plan last week, I had to change it around a little bit due to the Christmas events all starting! On Tuesday I was due to run 3 miles and 2 miles on Wednesday, to change it around as I had plans on Wednesday I ran 5 miles on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the run and went a different route out by the coast. On Thursday I went out and ran 3 miles like planned, Friday was a rest day and eh Saturday turned into a rest day. Ireland got hit by Storm Desmond over the weekend, here is a link to a weather report about the storm, click here here for a bit of fun.

On Saturday I was due to run for 30 minutes but instead I braved putting up a new Christmas tree in our new house 🙂 (I will do a blog post when we move in properly and get it decorated). Saturday night I had my Christmas party so pretty much was throwing the training out the window for a 4 mile run on Sunday. Surprisingly enough I went for a run on Sunday, I didn’t make the 4 miles but got to about 3 miles which I was happy with after a night out.

This week the plan should hopefully be a bit better, I have another Christmas party on Thursday so I may check out what this weeks rest days are and try and change the plan to suit.

One good thing about starting the half marathon training plan before Christmas is I don’t feel as guilty about all the food I am eating 😦

Amanda xxx