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I decided last week to sign up to a 5 mile race in Clontarf, Dublin. When I originally started running in October last year I completed the 5 mile race in 55.35 and I was chuffed with that time as I was aiming for 1 hour!! The same race was on again in July, click here to see how I got on in July.

As I had completed it twice before and it only happens twice a year I decided Friday 13th to sign up! As you are all probably aware my fitness updates have been getting fewer and fewer over the past few months and my running is pretty much non-existent! I had a wedding last weekend so I knew there wasn’t a chance I would be able to train, and then here is another excuse…storm Abigail and storm Barney decided to come along and interrupt the start of my week.  I am a great one for the excuses 🙂

So anyway back to the point, on Wednesday evening I decided (maybe stupidly) that I wouldn’t bother training and I would just wing it on the day and be well rested.

Saturday morning arrived and I had to go out to the race to collect my number and the 5 mile race started at 10.20am. I was pretty nervous at this stage but decided to just ignore everybody else and just run my own pace.


I was pretty happy with myself and managed to this, and the most amazing thing of all I managed to run the 5 miles without stopping or walking once.  Last November and July I had to stop and walk parts of the run and I was ecstatic on Saturday that I managed to run the whole lot.  It was tough I am not going to lie about that part, the last mile and a half my knees were sore.

I also did my usual bold habit and sprinted to the finish line, I managed to complete the race in 54.26 minutes and it was over a minute faster than my previous two attempts. I also got this pretty medal 🙂


So have I caught the running bug again? Keep updated and see 🙂

Amanda xxx