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So last month I was lucky enough to get invited to the Cocoa Brown, Passion Persistence Pink event in the Shelbourne hotel (click here for more).

Cocoa Brown Instant Gel Tan

At the event the Marissa Carter released two new products, instant gel tan in matte and shimmer. I have been trying them out and they are great.

Here is the shimmer gel just on my mitt before applying.

Cocoa Brown Shimmer Instant Tan

I love the shimmer and it is great on legs as it gives a lovely glow. It goes on really easy and best of all you don’t get the dreaded water splash marks. It doesn’t come in the shower until you use soap.

The matte I love for my arms to be honest I am not huge into shimmer tans on my arms. I like the glow on my legs, maybe because I am quite dark haired I feel the shimmer shows the hair more. This is not specific to Cocoa Brown tan, I feel the same about all shimmer tans. The Cocoa Brown shimmer wasn’t too bad on my arms as the shimmer and tan blends to perfection so you don’t have clumps of tan.


Not a great picture but you can see a bit of a tan.


I know I probably sound like a Cocoa Brown advertisement but I genuinely love the products since I first started using the tan about a year ago (I was a late customer). I still love the 1 hour tan as it lasts and I don’t have to worry about it, but there are also a lot of times I am really lazy and instant tans are my best friend!

Amanda xxx