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I am trying to be good this week and follow a low carb diet as I have a wedding this weekend and a very fitted dress!

Sunday before I started back on low carbs I had tacos for dinner (sorry) and I had some leftover meat in the fridge. So for a handy quick meal I decided to throw the taco mince into halved peppers. Any vegetarians out there can replace the mince with quorn.


The mince was fried and a few different seasonings were added  (cajun, barbeque, garlic, beef stock). If I had of planned this dish when I was doing the grocery shopping I would have bought a better pack of peppers. The ones I bought were quite small and funny shapes. I cut them in half and filled them with the mince, a little bit of salsa and some grated cheese.


I put them in the oven at 180c for about 20mins, obviously this depends on your oven. Once the pepper is soft and the mince is fully heated they are good to eat. I had cooked the mince the previous night so it was cold going into the oven.

They were really good and will definitely make it again!

Amanda xxx