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Happy Tuesday everybody!! (I am off for the week so can’t help but be happy!!) So this weeks fitness update is mainly about walking more and making the most of the last few weeks of brightness after work.

Over the past two weeks I have started walking home from work everyday and this is about 5kms.  I worked out the other day if I walk home from work five days a week, over four weeks I will have walked 100kms!! This seems like a pretty good distance and should increase my fitness.  I also worked out that by working home everyday I am also saving €50 over four weeks, so that is obviously a good reason to buy myself a new pair of jeans or boots 🙂

I am also trying to go for a walk most evenings after dinner, I don’t mean a power walk. Sometimes it is nice to just go out for a stroll and enjoy the walk and get some fresh air.

We are heading away for a few days this week and hopefully we stay somewhere that has a swimming pool, really want to relax and go for a nice swim.

Pretty short post for this weeks fitness update.  What exercise is everybody doing and any suggestions for something new for me to try?

Amanda xxx