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Happy Sunday everybody!!

I love the weekend too much (apologies to anybody who works weekends) so here is a few outfits I wore to different things during the month of August.

So first up we went to Belfast for the weekend at the start of the month, I have a blog post here of what we got up to 🙂

I love this outfit:



Here are the details:
Waistcoat: New Look, new stock and cost €29.99.
Jeans: New Look and are a bargain for only €17.99
Top: River Island, I got this last year so don’t think they do this style anymore but probably have something similiar in store.
Shoes: New Look, got these on sale last month for only €9!! Serious bargain and so comfortable!!
Bag: Stradivarius, love this clutch! I got it in Madrid last year.

My next outfit is from the Dublin Horse Show, it was a nice sunny day which makes a huge difference in what you can wear!


The state of me ha ha!!

Outfit details:

Top: New Look, this was also on sale and only €5! (it is €7.50 online!!)
Jeans: River Island, I bought these last year and they are really soft and comfortable.
Shoes: Penneys, obsessed with these!! They are in every year in different colours, I have turquoise, black and nude and wear them as much as possible!! I have a blog post up from when I bought them here.

My final outfit is from last weekend when I was out saying goodbye to a friend who is leaving me to go travelling 😦


Outfit details:
Top: Pull and Bear, new season and only €19.99, it is really nice and is slit at the back.  I actually bought a bralet in Penneys to wear with this so you could see a lace band instead of the back of a bra in the slit.
Culottes: Pull and Bear, also new season and €25.99.
Shoes: New Look as above, probably not the best shoes as they have a strap across them for this outfit but I wanted to be comfortable and last the night in heels…Yes I am getting old!!

My tan in the pictures apart from the Dublin Horse Show is Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan in dark.  Normally I am lucky enough that during the summer I do not have to wear fake tan, but this year the weather has not been the best 😦 Here is a picture from 2013 when we had an amazing summer and I had no fake tan on!! (ha ha and no we didn’t have a cake for my dogs birthday, this was for my sisters 30th which was also the same time as the dogs 3rd birthday!! I miss my long hair 😦 )

Thanks for reading!!

Amanda xxx