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I have gotten into a bit of a routine of doing a fitness update on a Tuesday, so I am going to do my best to continue doing this.

Since my update last week I haven’t done a huge amount of exercise, I volunteered the Dublin Fashion Festival launch night last Wednesday (see post here) and I was exhausted after it, I spent my night running around taking pictures, filling goodie bags and cleaning up after.  It was as good as any gym workout as I was sore after it! I met friends Thursday and Friday after work and then came down with a sore throat and cold at the weekend.

My blog post this week is a little bit different, I have blogged before about my diet and how I followed a low carb diet.  I put up recipes for low carb lasagna and pizza and diet updates about what I ate and I started this diet in April.

Anybody who follows me on Snapchat (@chatterboxdiary) will see I have been very ‘bold’ over the past few weeks and posted pictures of carbs  including chips, pizza, crisps and everything else.  The past few weeks I was sick of it, I tried and had a mixture of low carb meals and not so low carb!  I decided last week to quit the low carb diet and start eating a balanced diet. I am not necessarily going to go and eat all high carb meals but I am going to eat more fruit, vegetables and pasta etc if I want it and not feel guilty about it.

I am going to see how I feel over the next few weeks and if I might go back onto a low carb diet in time.

I will still post some of the lower carb meals I eat, and hopefully these will help somebody out there 🙂

Amanda xxx