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Hi guys, here is this weeks fitness update 🙂

As I said before I ran home from work, I finally bought a proper bag for running and ran home from Wednesday! I like the run home, it is great being home early and finished my exercise for the night. I was awake early on Saturday morning so went for a 4km at 9.30. I was having one of those days were I just felt uncomfortable and fat so wanted to go out and get some exercise. I did feel a lot better after it.

There was no Zumba on last week as the instructor was away on holidays so I tried to just walk as much as possible.

We decided we wanted to try out a gym, so we went to the Spencer Hotel in the IFSC, in Dublin. The gym is really nice, it is small compared to the huge gyms. There was a great variety of equipment and no huge queues. They also provide towels which saves the hassle of carrying a towel aswell!

Amanda xxx