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Anybody who is following me on Snapchat  (Chatterboxdiary) will already know what I was up to this week with little snapshots of my week.

I went to Zumba again on Tuesday, I am enjoying it but not sure I am finding it as tough as I would like it to be really. I know Zumba is not seen as the hardest of exercises but I feel fine after the class and I expect to feel tired. I am going to keep going for another few weeks and see how I get on but definitely keeping an eye out for something else. Has anybody got any suggestions?

I also ran home from work yesterday, not sure the exact distance as I forgot to press start on my Garmin watch for the first few mins, I am going to say slightly more then 5kms. It was great because I finished work and got changed and was home by 5.50. I had to run with a bag on my back for the first time and need to go buy a proper bag for running because a drawstring bag was a terrible idea. It just kept bouncing and rubbing off my shoulders.

That is pretty much all I did this week, bit of a lazy weekend. We had planned on a 5mile race last Sunday but forgot to register and then when we woke up on Sunday the day was like winter, freezing, raining and windy. So not a chance I was going to the beach and run!

What was everybody up to this week?

Amanda xxx