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For the past few weeks I have been doing a weekly fitness update and feel every week I am giving lame excuses for being lazy. This week isn’t too far off the mark but slightly better aswell.

So last Saturday I was signed up for the Clontarf 5mile race, as organised as ever we had to run from the car to the start line (with a quick toilet trip on the way) to be greeted with the whistle all ready gone and everybody running! Note for this weekend be more organised!! The race was tough, after about 1km in I got a stitch or pain in my hip, not exactly sure.  I mixed it up with walking, running and trying to stretch it out. It didn’t go away but got a bit better after the 5km mark.  The course was tough we had to run down onto the beach, but that wasn’t the worst part.  The last 3km we were battling strong winds in our faces! It was hard to run fast, honestly felt like I wasnt moving! I ran the Clontarf 5mile race last November and there was less beach and wind to battle with. My time this time was 2 seconds slower which I was happy about. The main thing I took from this race was that apart from the stitch, I actually felt fit and comfortable and crossed the line with a big smile on face (nothing to do with the doughnuts at the finish line!)

My training last week was slightly better than the past few weeks. Tuesday I went for a 4km run, it was a really hot evening and I actually really enjoyed running in the sun. I wanted to get out for a run Thursday but I had a work event that evening so for the first time I joined the 7am club and went for a 4km run before work! I have to say I felt great after it, I also felt like I got more out of my day. I have to admit though it is a lot easier to get out of bed when it is sunny out.

That was it for last week, I have another run this weekend so I will have an update next week.

Amanda xxx