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So I am going to try and do a weekly fitness update, a quick summary of my week.

I did another 5km race on Saturday night in Dublin, the Sonia O’Sullivan 5k race was so we headed out to do it.  The course started with a hill and then had a few hills throughout. I really enjoyed running through the town as there was spectators for a majority of the course.  We went to do a warm up before hand up and a few stretches so we were late enough getting to the start line which meant we had to go to the back of all the people.  Considering I haven’t done much training as I was saying in my update last week I managed to run the whole course without walking or stopping once.  This at the moment is a huge achievement for me and I was pretty happy.  My overall time was about 8 seconds slower then the race last week but I did walk bits of that course and it was also a flat course. How amazing is the medal!!


I only got out once last week to train between the two races which I wasn’t overly happy about.  The week just seemed to fly by before I even knew it.

I am also doing a very slow pull up challenge.  When I say slow I am on about day 7 after about a month, my main reason was falling a few weeks back and injuring my hand.  I use a band for my pull ups because I have no upper body strength at all!!!

I hope this week coming is a lot more productive and I have another 5km race this weekend so I will let you all know how I get on 🙂

Amanda xxx