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I haven’t blogged in a while about running.  To be honest I haven’t done a lot lately, and can use every excuse but it was just more a case of laziness.  I ran 10km about 6 weeks ago, this was followed with my low carb diet for two weeks before our holiday to Tenerife.  I did run on holidays and was pretty proud of myself! Since we got home with a mixture of tiredness from work and a sinus infection I haven’t bothered going running.


So last night we decided to do a 5km race, pretty late decision and had to register at the race. As I said above I didn’t train for this run and I am very proud of myself and managed to get a personal best for a 5km race of 31.24 (I will get under 30mins eventually :)) Maybe my 5lb weightloss helped 😂

I find the only way I can push myself to run is to have a goal, whether that is holidays or another race I need something. So as much as I would love to go book another holiday soon, I will have to stick to a few more races 😦


Amanda xxx