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Have such a feeling I will regret going on holidays so early in the year as the shops are filling up more and more with clothes.  As I have said before my style on holidays is quite casual, I stick to flats because I like wandering around so much. I go crazy before holidays and buy loads and then barely wear half of it on holidays!!

I took a few pictures of what I wore at night and during the day, to be honest I forgot half the time.

So my first night I wore my white skinny jeans from River Island, I got these last year but I am sure they have something similiar this year. I love the ripped knee and frayed hem.  I got this cross over top in New Look before I left, I love the colour and it was only €17.99.  I put a necklace I purchased on eBay with this outfit:

I wore my white jeans again another night and put this River Island tshirt with them. I love the colour of this tshirt but it creases so easily, to disguise the creases I tied it in a knot. I also felt this changed the outfit a bit and made it dressier then a casual tshirt.  I said before how I am not the most confident person and did feel a bit self concious showing off my stomache but then reminded myself I walk around in a bikini all day.  I felt like I got a few looks off girls walking down for dinner but decided to ignore them:

I got this shirt dress a few years ago and find it so comfy. It is light and casual, I was going shopping that night after dinner for something to wear to my first Into The West Blogger Event and wanted something easy to change out of

I got these really cute shorts in H&M and they were only €9.99, love the design and they are pretty comfy. I forgot to get a top to go with them so just threw this vest top from Forever 21 with them. They are grear tops and only €2, ha ha I love bargains:

Got this playsuit in Forever 21 a while back and love it for during the day, I also wore it out one night with a yellow cardigan. It is pretty handy to throw over bikinis at the pool.

I apologise for the serious lack of photos, completely forgot to take most of them.

Time to start planning my next holiday 😀

Amanda xxx