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I know people have different views on low carb diets, its not healthy, you will put the weight back on straight away when you start eating carbs again.  I am currently doing a no carb diet, I don’t  think any of  the above views are true. Like any diet if you start eating the same as you did before you started the diet you will put on the weight.  Also you don’t have to just eat frys every day.  I have started doing low carbs for about 10days before I go on holidays.  To work out the carbs in food I deduct the fibre from the carbs to get my net carbs. Here is a breakdown of what I eat on a daily basis on this diet:

During the week I am limited enough and normally have a slimbo with ham and cheese.  Slimbos have approximately  15 net carbs depending which type you buy.  Obviously you put what you want into these including bacon 🙂 Brennan’s do a low carb bread ‘Brennans Be Good Wholemeal’ that was about 8grams of carbs per slice!


Not going to lie, I have struggled a bit with lunch options.  I do have access to a canteen in work and normally stick to a salad and cold cuts of meat.  Some days I have the option of a chicken breast, roasted meat or an omelette. Mushroom soup is also quite low depending on the brand.


Dinner is probably one of the easier meals, I have been eating a lot of Caesar salad.  I have been trying Caeser salad with chicken and chorizo and it is so good!!

Another dish I have tried is courgetti courgette stripped with a julienne peeler so its like spagetti) with chicken and a creamy pesto sauce.  The chicken was in a marinade which explains the colour, I can’t say if marinade is allowed but I am not being overly strict on my carb count.

Another meal I am enjoying is omelettes, you can throw anything and it is quick and easy!!


So for snacks I am having sugar free jelly, peanuts and some chocolate.  Not the healthiest snacks really!

So for anybody who wants to do a low carb diet, I am only giving information on the diet I am currently following.  I am not a nutrionist or now much about diets, I am following this in the healthiest way I think fit.  I am drinking as much water as I can and also doing a bit of walking.

Amanda xxx