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So considering I set up my blog to motivate me to run!! So a quick update on the past two weeks since the 4mile race I did at the end of March.  To be honest the week after the 4 mile race I was on antibiotics for a lovely gum infection and they seriously wiped me out!  I did no running for the whole week and felt terrible.

Got my motivation back at the weekend, when I realised my holidays were only 4 weeks away (3 weeks now), seriously getting excited and also I really have to get rid of the winter overindulgence!! The thoughts of a bikini soon 😦

So last Saturday I got up early and went out for a 5km run, the sunny weather really helps and makes me want to be outside.  I went home Saturday evening for the weekend, and went on a lovely 5.5 km run on the beach on Sunday, it was so hard!!! The tide was coming in, and I only had the soft sand to run on but surely that helps 🙂  But the views were amazing even if it was quite cloudy:

This week I have managed to go out and do 4 km runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, very proud of myself and also have to stop eating easter eggs!!