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Below are a few of my favourite skincare products at the moment!

The first is Botanics Miscellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution.  I first heard of this in January at Pippa O’Connors Fashion Factory and I am in love with it. It is so handy when I am having a lazy night and can’t face taking my makeup off.  It melts the makeup off and my skin feels great after it!


I bought L’oreal Youth Code day cream in the airport at Christmas, I am pretty sure it was on offer as it was about a third of the price then on the high street (why didn’t I buy loads). I think it is great and after using the whole tub I actually feel that I can notice a difference in the condition of my skin and wrinkles 😯


As much as I love the youth code moisturer, over the past couple of months I have started a serious habit of buying creams and need to use the other creams first before I buy more. I started using Clarins daily energizer cream this week and love the smell.  The cream is thick and absorbs quickly into your skin.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Amanda xxx