After many disasters washing my makeup brushes I decided to share the way that works for me finally (no more broken makeup brushes).  I do not work in beauty so there might be a better way to do it.

I use Johnson’s baby shampoo to wash my brushes, any shampoo that is gentle enough for a baby will work.  Many brands do products for cleaning brushes and I have heard great reviews on them.


Never use hot water to wash brushes, I use lukewarm water as hot water will melt the glue in the brush.  Be careful to only get the hairs wet and not the stick of the brush to make sure that the glue doesn’t melt.  I put some shampoo onto the brush, wet my hand and work the brush in the palm of my hand.  I then run the hairs of the brush under the tap to get rid of all of the shampoo:


For drying my brushes I half roll a towel so that the brushes are not lying flat (see picture below).  Never dry your brushes upwards as the water can run down into the glue and melt the glue.  I put some of my brushes flat, I noticed any of my fluffy blending brushes got a bit out of shape so by putting them down flat with all the hairs flat they dry great.  As you can see from the picture below I even wash the little brushes that come with sets.


I wash my brushes every week, even if I haven’t used some of the brushes I give them a quick wash to freshen up.  It is very important to wash your brushes frequently, it gets rid of old makeup, dirt, bacteria.

Any questions, comment below 🙂

Amanda xxx