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Sorry I haven’t blogged much about running, considering my blog was primarily set up to motivate me to run and track it.  Don’t worry I am still running and enjoying it (most days)

I mentioned before I was due to run a 10km at the start of March, that was last weekend.  I had to pull out of the run the day before due to bad shin splints.  Up until about 7pm the night before the run I couldnt decide what to do as I was quite sore even when I was just walking.  I went for a 1km power walk Saturday morning to test it and ended up in agony for the day.  I eventually decided (after talking to loads of people) to pull out and rest to get over the injury.

I was annoyed that I had to pull out,  but I was told that the fact that I was annoyed also meant I am a real runner.  Compliment, il take any 🙂 . I spent this week resting,  and can definitely already feel a huge improvement.

I have another run at the end of the month,  it isn’t as far as 10km, about 6km.

Amanda xxx