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So, I decided to start blogging in an attempt to motivate myself into doing more exercise.  My main blog at the moment is my Instagram page Runningfashblog, where I update on a daily basis snapshots of my day. These pictures can be a bit random, a mixture of workout stats, outfits I have worn, clothes I NEED to buy and a bit of beauty.

I started running in October 2014 and I enjoy it some days and hate it other days, I have my self convinced that once I get fitter I will love it ha ha!!  Hopefully that is true, I am also doing a little bit of yoga the nights that I don’t go running from youtube videos.  Hopefully my Instagram page and blog will motivate others aswell, and I would love for people to hashtag their workouts with #runningfashblog.

I am like most girls shopping mad, my boyfriend laughs at me the whole time.  I am like I will be home straight after work and I arrive in the door two hours later with bags 😀 . My poor bank account really doesn’t appreciate the blogging, because I need new clothes to keep it updated!  I will use any excuse for shopping 🙂

I will try and blog as much as possible, I am not sure how much beauty related posts yet that I will have as when it comes to makeup, I love buying it but I am not exactly sure if I use it right.

Sorry I tend to waffle a lot, get sidetracked and change the subject.  I really hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Amanda xxx